Why do you have to choose a metal nfc card?

Greatnameplate’s innovative and unique metal NFC card offers enhanced functionality. Incorporating an NFC or RFID chip into your metal business cards or member cards adds usefulness and purpose. Greatnameplate’s matt black metal cards create simply stunning contactless cards.

Why do you have to choose a metal nfc card?-GreatNameplates

This card makes a bold statement about your business and about yourself. It is the size and thickness of the American Express Black Card or Apple Credit card, and sports a Tap Tag NFC chip that relays your information directly to your client’s smartphone with just a tap. It is as simple as it is elegant.

Our metal NFC/RFID cards typically hold a MiFare 1Kor NTAG 215/216 chip as required.

For a comprehensive and accurate list of all the NFC compatible mobile phone handsets that are available around the world visits NFC World’s NFC phones list. (https://www.nfcw.com/nfc-phones-list

It’s very easy to encode your metal NFC business card. You can download the NXP Tag Writer app on Apple App Store or Google Play for Android.

Another app to encode your card is NFC Tools available at Apple App Store and Google Play.

Why do you have to choose a metal nfc card?-GreatNameplates

Update your business card to a Metal NFC card! Innovative/fashion/easy-carrying–this stylish metal NFC card will help you to attract client’s attention–enhancing the possibility for a successful business!

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