We are a well-known metal card factory manufacturer in China, established for 15 years, each master has rich industry experience, and the products produced are worthy of trust. We have hundreds of metal products online for you to choose from, but you can also customize them according to your needs.

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Send your file to us in AI or PSD format, the salesperson will contact you as soon as possible and communicate the details of the product, including: product type, size, size, color, shape, craft, etc., and will confirm Give the most professional advice on the scope of use and working environment of the product.

Various materials to meet your demands

Variou shape size and thickness to meet your demands

Various processes can meet your product presentation effects

Embossed:The effect of corrosion relative to depression. The height of the protrusion depends on the depth of corrosion. Shallow corrosion and half-cut can bring different protrusion senses.

Etch:Chemically or acid etching is used to etch the words, numbers or designs you need in your choice of metal. The depth of the etch won’t compromise the integrity of the overall plate. We will then leave the surface as is or will add baked enamels and epoxies into the deep etches. This is referred to as the “fill thickness,” ensuring your color stays intact and emphasizes your etched markings.

Screen printing:referred to as screen printing. A printing technology for spot colors, the premise must provide the corresponding standard spot color number (Pantone value). At present, it is generally operated manually, which is slow in efficiency and requires a lot of experience of printing workers.

Engraving:Laser carving, carving. Physical etching by a laser, the metal surface coating or shallow vaporized material, eventually rendering the same design and contents. Generally it works best on dumb black cards.


Before payment, we will send the PI address to you for verification. We accept paypal, Western Union, wire transfer or other payment methods.

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After receiving the payment slip, we will start production immediately.

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  • a.Door to door express shipping way. We have long time cooperation with DHL/ FEDEX/ UPS etc. We can provide you good price.
  • b.Shipping by Air, faster and cheaper for large order
  • c.Shipping by Ship, cheapest shipping way for the large order
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