About Brass Name Plates

About Brass Name Plates

Nameplates apply to most industries upon their features and functions. Figure out firstly the metal type if you are sourcing a custom nameplate. Brass name plates on a variety of attractive functions, it may fall into your ideal choice in purchasing metal nameplates.

The advantages of brass name plates:

  • Brass material catches a series of good features when facing the choice of metal.
  • Durability: Brass can well present its value for both indoor and outdoor using under high or low temperatures.
  • Appearance: Unlike other metals, brass owns a natural golden hue, which makes it be more attractive. With such performance, brass can always choose to get a sense of luxury when sometimes gold is not traded.
  • Extensibility: Brass is actually a kind of alloy of Copper and Zinc, by which percentage make it appropriate to be punched or be etched.

1.Industries need Brass

About Brass Name Plates-GreatNameplates

  • Furniture
  • Electricity
  • Industries
  • Car Manufacturing

Due to its corrosion resistance and non-sparking properties, brass is popularly adopted for electrical and environmental protection purposes. Its lifespan in outdoor use can last like 20 years.

2.Brass Crafts

Add-on crafts like engraving or printing can bring the final brass name plates.

Embossing: Custom logo and text would be raised.

About Brass Name Plates-GreatNameplates

Engraving: specific computer software brings precise marking totally as your design or artwork. The minimum line engraving can reach up to 0.04 mm.

About Brass Name Plates-GreatNameplates

Etching: also calls photochemical milling technology, it is adopted the most often to make up any custom shapes or patterns.

About Brass Name Plates-GreatNameplates

Screen printing: as traditional printing technology, the advantages are self-evident.

About Brass Name Plates-GreatNameplates

Pay more attention to the name plate from Greatnameplates.

Greatnameplates can supply the right service and items in metal nameplates, feel free to reach out for a free quotation request for brass name plates you might need.







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