Wholesale Custom Engraved Brass Name Badge

Material: Brass
Size: 30*30 mm or custom
Thickness: 3.0 mm
Forming: Die stamping
Finish: Etching color filling, Embossed
Back fastening: Roping, 3M adhesive, screws, pins, clip, or others

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Brass Name Badge

Metal badges, brass name badge, medals, commemorative badges in Europe and other countries has been a long popular charm good. Metal material is the most frequently used material in the production of badges. Metal badges are made of copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold and silver, and other metal materials through certain badge technology. In addition to the different characteristics of different metals, also according to the color of different metals and a variety of metal collocation to create more badges.

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Wholesale Custom Engraved Brass Name Badge-GreatNameplates
  • Length30mm /1.18″,  Wite  30mm/1.18″,  Thickness; stainless steel is 3.0mm / 0.11″;
  • Ues Brass made in CHINA; Unique finishes: Cut out; the Logo is Etching color filling;
  • Can be used as a commemorative badge
ProductBrass name badge,Metal Badge
MaterialAluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, or other metal
Material ThicknessCustomized thicknesses ranging from 0.1mm,0.5mm,0.8mm,1mm,1.5mm,to 3mm
Maximum Size25”*25” maximum size for etching and fill
ColoringPantone, CMYK, custom colors
FasteningMechanical fastener, holes, or adhesive attachment methods
Serial NumberingPrinted, stamped, or laser engraved serial numbers or barcodes
FabricationCustom tooling, CNC, Shearing, Laser Cut, Engraved
DurabilityDurability Withstands adverse environments,3-7 year minimum outdoor durability
Production Time3-7 Working days for samples,7-15 working days for mass production
DeliveryDelivered by airfreight with 1-5 working days, By sea for huge heavy goods 30days


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Wholesale Custom Engraved Brass Name Badge-GreatNameplates
Wholesale Custom Engraved Brass Name Badge-GreatNameplates

Customize your Metal Name Badge.                          Contact us NOW!!                info@greatnameplates.com                                        Various sizes, shapes, and processes, we will produce it for you immediately

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Wholesale Custom Engraved Brass Name Badge-GreatNameplates

Various materials to meet your demands, for different products, choose different raw materials according to process.

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Wholesale Custom Engraved Brass Name Badge-GreatNameplates

The production of metal nameplates requires multiple processes, among which the forming process is very important, including Etch、Cut through、Laser、Embossed、Screen printing、Domed Decal 、Engraved, etc.                                  

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