Custom Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark Manufacturer

Material: Stainless steel
Size: 39*43/39*39 mm or custom
Thickness: 0.1-0.5 mm
Forming: Die stamping
Finish: Etch, Cut out
Back fastening: Roping, 3M adhesive, screws, pins, clip, or others

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Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark 

Functionality is a great element to add to a business card to see it stand apart from the crowd, and that’s precisely what makes our High-end personalized metal bookmarks so successful. Crafted from our 0.5mm thick mirror finished stainless steel stock, The die-cut material can double as a bookmark to become a practical addition to a recipient’s life, rather than joining the piles of other cards that are inevitably forgotten. Engraved to add an elegant appeal, this kind of custom personalized metal bookmarks is ideal for companies that specialize in areas related to books By adopting a unique shape to match the originality of your business, whether it is sales or publishing. When looking to reassure recipients that your company delivers quality and professionalism.

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Custom Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark
  • Size and shape can be customized Thickness; aluminum is 05mm / .019″ ;
  • Ues Stainless steel made in CHINA ;
  • Unique finishes: Etch; the Logo is Cut out.
ProductPersonalized metal bookmarks, Metal bookmarks
MaterialAluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, or other metal
Material ThicknessCustomized thicknesses ranging from 0.1mm,0.5mm,0.8mm,1mm,1.5mm,to 3mm
Maximum Size25”*25” maximum size for etching and fill
ColoringPantone, CMYK, custom colors
FasteningMechanical fastener, holes, or adhesive attachment methods
Serial NumberingPrinted, stamped, or laser engraved serial numbers or barcodes
FabricationCustom tooling, CNC, Shearing, Laser Cut, Engraved
DurabilityDurability Withstands adverse environments,3-7 year minimum outdoor durability
Production Time3-7 Working days for samples,7-15 working days for mass production
DeliveryDelivered by airfreight with 1-5 working days, By sea for huge heavy goods 30days


Application Area

Custom Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark

Aviation Industry

We manufacture custom nameplates to meet industry specifications for aviation equipment, machines, vehicles, and aircraft.

Custom Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark

Construction Equi

Nameplates understand that each piece of equipment requires a type of nameplate to display operating instructions, warnings, equipment specifications, and more;

Custom Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark

Furniture Manufacturers

Other nameplates and labels we create for furniture manufacturers include UID plates, aluminum foil labels, and polyester labels.

Custom Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark

IT Systems and Equipment

We manufacture IT asset tags, inventory tags, UID plates, and more for the IT Systems and Equipment industry.

Custom Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark


Labels and tags will be needed to help identify specific substances, equipment and tools.

Custom Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark

Property and Equipment Owners

Property and equipment orders require custom asset tags to track their company assets.

Custom Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark

Customize your personalized metal bookmarks. Contact us NOW!!                                                                    Various sizes, shapes, and processes, we will produce it for you immediately

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Custom Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark

Various materials to meet your demands, for different products, choose different raw materials according to process.

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Custom Etched Personalized Metal Bookmark

The production of metal nameplates requires multiple processes, among which the forming process is very important, including Etch、Cut through、Laser、Embossed、Screen printing、Domed Decal 、Engraved, etc.                                  

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