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Banking on our enriched industry experience, we are engaged in offering a huge gamut of Aluminum NamePlates. Our company is highly acclaimed in offering a wide range of Aluminum Nameplates. We offer this superior make Aluminum Nameplates as per the diverse needs of our client. Being economically priced, this Aluminum Nameplates are very popular in the industry.

The anodising process builds a thick film of aluminium oxide on the surface of the aluminium, after this a dye is screen printed into the porous layer. Once printing is completed, the pores are sealed, which traps the inks into the surface of the material. The sealing process changes the chemical composition of the aluminium, creating a hard mineral layer (Boehmite), which provides added protection from corrosion, and improves resistance to abrasion and wear. Permark ensures the anodic layer is thick enough to provide good protection by measuring the thickness of the layer for every nameplate batch of production. The resulting name plate image is colour fast, permanent and durable, whilst being resistant to marks and fingerprints, and has the appearance of a clean, modern looking label.