There are many kinds of metal name tags, such as high gloss, metal screen nameplates, corrosion nameplates, etc.


The custom metal name plates is usually made of aluminum, copper and stainless steel.And the aluminium that choose aluminium plate is usually wiredrawn aluminium plate, have fine line grain, make the aluminium card that prints appears very exquisite, beautiful.And light, soft, beauty is the characteristic of aluminum.The aluminum has a protective coating on the surface to protect the brand from scratches.


And copper we usually do it with pure copper, and the result of the pure copper is of course classic beauty, and it's usually a coat of bronze on the surface, which is more flavorful.Stainless steel plate has two kinds: one is 304 stainless steel, this kind of stainless steel quality is the best, through the weather also does not have the change.However, the cost is a little higher, while another kind of stainless steel can be sold at a lower price. Although the effect is not as good as 304, the effect is also good.


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The custom metal name plates was the most commonly used trademark in the market of household appliances at that time, and was also the one used for the longest time.At that time, the first application: computer, LCD monitor, audio, DVD, power amplifier, PVC screen, air conditioning, furniture, kitchenware, television, set-top box, electric vehicles, metal nameplate, motorcycle, shower room, bathroom cabinet, sanitary ware, safe cabinet, aluminum box, cosmetic box, large and small household appliances and other products.

As long as the product is directly facing the consumers, the sign must be used. We have professional personnel to help you analyze your peers, and what kind of brand is suitable for your product, which makes your product more popular and popular.


Above is CXJ Greatnameplates share about the selection of metal signage material requirements, hope that you can have a deeper understanding, at the same time welcome youl to order!