Custom metal name plates materials

Custom metal name plates materials, such as Aluninum, Stainless Steel and Brass ect are used to make various of namecard. Excellent durability of metal labels and nameplates are the first choose for indoor and outdoor environments. The custom metal name plates produced by the CXJ (metal tag label maker)Greatnameplates conform to most industrial standards of national defense, aviation, agriculture, construction, food services, manufacturing, Marine, military, transportation, public utilities and energy.

The raw material of metal plates: stainless steel, Aluminum (anodized), brass, Titanium steel, antique brass and antique copper.


Aluminium name plate not only in light weight but also offer good corrosion resistance. It is softer than anodized aluminum that could easily machined and formed . Its famous silvery-white color offers great contrast and readability with nearly any color, making it a popular among many nameplate, sign, panel and bezel applications.

Aluninum metal tag material

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel labels is durable and looks conspicuously without fill paint.

 stainless steel labels for business

Anodized Aluminum

Combine Metalphoto photographic process with ordinary anodized decorating process could achieve various of design options, make great details in black graphics and mulitiple colors.

 mulitiple colors anodized aluminum tag


Brass name tags are etched. It could be filled in color or left blank. Normally,acid etching process is used with brass plates.

 brass plate colors

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