Stainless steel name plates have an excellent outdoor use rating and will endure for years.  Nameplates are used on many products to designate the producer, the brand, and/or the product name, as well as properties of the product such as power and mass Additionally, they may be placed on a product for decorative value, for placement of product information (e.g. serial code), or for approval/recognition (e.g. an endorsement by a governing body).

With so many outstanding properties, it is not surprising that Permark make a diverse range of custom manufactured name plates out of this material, some that are purely functional, such as machine ID rating plates which are fixed to equipment, sequentially numbered barcode nameplates and asset tags, through to premium quality items like stainless steel business cards and highly detailed etched plaques that are also printed, polished, shaped and cut before being mounted onto wood or stone.

For those who have a particular date you should need an order completed and shipped for you by, make sure to notify your supplier about it. Some can offer quick turnarounds, while some might not have the ability to. Whereas materials used are essential, the printing procedures employed play just like a critical job for making nameplates much more resilient.

This sturdy clock with a very large base promises to be increasingly stable, easily merging with the room you put in. The color also is sheen brown which is designed to compliment any place you put the clock in. However, some do not prefer to buy the glass nameplate because these are not long-lasting and are extremely heavy. The Bombay Store in Vashi has a range of aesthetically designed name plates with artistic writing styles on them. The store has even kept in mind the religious sentiments of people and hence has name plates with miniature portraits of God's on them.