member card

With the development of the information age, people’s life tend to be more and more efficient and simple, for example, sending messages with pigeons turned into text message, the previous paper money changed into bankbook, and nowadays it is only a thin card. The appearance of cards has brought much convenience to our life, I believe that there are various member cards in everyone’s wallet. You can wander through the world easily with one card at hand, the types of cards also grow more numerous because of the convenience, then what kinds of cards are they in detail?


Metal cards become the preferred material of making high-end VIP card, member card, commemorative card and calendar card with the unique three-dimensional relief and golden-like color. Metal card is also divided into the hotel VIP card, clothing VIP card, hairdressing VIP card, Internet cafes VIP card and some many other fields according to the industry.


Then, do you know who benefits most from the production of member card? As is known to us, nowadays, in our small carry-on wallet, there are almost membership cards to beauty parlor, gym, barbershop, laundry, pedicure, car washing and so on besides various bank cards. According to the investigation, plenty of merchants from high-end leisure center to shoes-polishing shop have all launched the prepaid membership card, the customers may enjoy preferential price by card, the amounts in member card vary from hundreds of yuan, thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, meanwhile, the related consumption dispute is also growing.


So, what a profit chain is connected behind the small member card? Open financing firms-issue cards-recycle the funds-open financing firms again- The business model has become a general mode to build the chain store, the merchants could return the funds and lock the customers by this way.


All these membership card including beauty parlor card, gym card, laundry card have a common feature, they are all used after prepaid expenses to the merchants. The larger the prepaid consumption, the more preferential price they will get, the kind of business model is adopted by more and more merchants, the prepaid amount of many consumers is amazing, some reach up to thousands of yuan, even several hundreds of thousands yuan.


The reason why various consumer cards get so popular is closely related to the attractive preferential promotion. On account of the convenience and benefit, prepaid consumption is well accepted by a great number of consumers.