In the past, cat tags and dog tags were a plain, round engraved silver disk, but nowadays pet owners can choose from a variety of exciting options, for instance, a bright metallic colored bone-shaped or cat-shaped tag. Some pet ID tag companies will let you select your preferred font, which allows you to create a unique tag for your pet.

If you're looking for something different from the old type silver tags, not only can you choose a fun shape and color, the tag can be made of a material other than metal. In addition to metal, pet identification tags come in materials such as plastic, nylon, rubber, and even heat shrinkable tags.
However, plastic tags tend to fade or if your pet likes chewing on the tag, it may become unreadable over time. On the other hand, metal tags that are engraved are typically easier to read and last longer than plastic tags. Of the metal tags, there are three main types, each with its own benefits.

Aluminum - The wide selection of colors is the appeal in aluminum. Not only are colored tags great for showing contrast on the engraving but they are lightweight and offer the biggest selection of shapes.
Brass - Although the choice of shapes is more limited than aluminum, brass is the traditional pet tag because they are strong, wear well, and a bold font looks better contrasted on brass.

Stainless Steel - While shapes and sizes are limited, these tags are the most durable. Like brass, bold fonts are more readable.