Recently, US site Quartz published an article, entitled Chinese people mean something very different when they send you a smiley emoji, explained underlying meaning of Chinese emoji package in detail.


Chinese emoji package


Chinese emoji package


The article expressed that Chinese net friends are so innovative that they create many emoji packages denoting contempt…… 

China is known for generating creative, peculiar internet memes. Chines people have also developed a system for using emoji subversively, so that a smiley face can actually convey contempt.

Chinese emoji package

It's all a scheme.

What exactly does Chinese emoji mean? Below is a guide provided for the foreigners.


Smiley face

Chinese emoji package

On the surface: Happiness.

Below the surface: A despising, mocking, and even obnoxious attitude.

Background: The upper muscle movementshere could explain why the face is considered less friendly and more hostile.

If you take a good look at the eyes, the orbicularis oculi muscle (the muscle near the upper eye corner) does not move, and the orbicularis oris muscle (the one near the mouth) tightens, which is a sign of suppressing a smile,notes An Yong, a user on Zhihu, Chinas answer to Quora. The answer has got some 16,000 likes since last June.

Guidance: Dont use it to express something you’re happy. You may use these instead, since the muscle movements seem to be smiling genuinely:

Chinese emoji package

Or use any of these on your iOS device.

Chinese emoji package


Smiley face with a waving hand:

On the surface: saying goodbye with a smile.

Below the surface: I despise you and really dont want to talk with you. Please go away.

Background: owing to the smiley face, this is not a simple goodbye, but rather a mocking expression used to respond negatively to whatever one objects to.

Guidance: If you see this emoji, you should change the topic, or just keep your mouth shut. If you wish to retaliate sarcastically, consider sending back two waving hands. Or just deploy for a genius goodbye.

Chinese emoji package


Smiling new moon face

Chinese emoji package


On the surface: A moon with a face, hiding in the shadow, based on emojipedia.

Below the surface: Sneaky, creepy, or evendespise you.

Background: Since the moons eyes are gazing at its left, it creates a sense of skepticism. With a closed mouth that looks like a suppressed smile, the black and blurry moon face also carries with a sense of mocking.

Guidance: Respond with creepiness of your own, but do it with the bright yellow moon face, gazing at its right.

Chinese emoji package


Picking your nose

Chinese emoji package

On the surface: Maybe theres something in your nose?

Below the surface: I despise you.(Yeah, its an eternal theme.)

Background: The emoji has a frown and its eyes look at the right side, half-open.

Usage: Send a smiley face to respond—making clear that the feeling is mutual.


Chinese emoji package

On the surface: Its a dog breed from Japan.

Below the surface: I am just cute and innocent. What are you talking about? I don’t understand.(Also: I despise you.)

Background: pay attention to the side-looking expression with the closed mouth. So pretentious, while simultaneously cute and innocent. Its extensively used on the internet. It derives from a Japanese rescue dog named Kabosu in 2008.

Usage: there is no corresponding methods to respond yet. Try responding with a shiba. Experiment.

So, foreign friends, have you found that all of our emoji actually convey contempt. Chinese emoji package

Thank you for taking the time to read the article, i hope that it was more or less useful for you, hope that you learn something from it, thank you very much!


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