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Recently, Huaxia bank credit card center has pushed out a kind of credit card with metal material-Huaxia Elite·Premier Platinum Credit Card(metal version)(hereinafter referred to as metal card), the card has received attention of many users who have high-end demand for card face because it is the pure metal card and with various functions.

The major pattern is plated with 24k gold

One pure metal card, with 24k gold plated in the major pattern, will you feel it high-end and classy?

Huaxia metal card adopts metal materials, with machine engraving and laser photolithography, which meets the needs of some users for the customization of high-end card face.

“Delicate as well as beautiful.” Ms. Huang who has just got the metal card said.

According to the relevant responsible person of nanning branch, Huaxia bank, the metal card is equivalent to Huaxia Elite· Premier Platinum Credit Card, belongs to the level of premier platinum card, the medium of the card is metal material(the back is PVC), with laser engraving, the major pattern is plated with 24k gold.

There is unlimited times for roadside assistance all year round

For the users, besides the beautiful appearance, the function is also extremely important. The cardholder of Huaxia metal card can not only enjoy the same function and service with Huaxia Elite·Premier Platinum Credit Card, but can enjoy the rights of premier platinum card provided unionpay.

“Practical for businessman.” a responsible person of nanning branch, Huaxia bank said.

Based on the ontroduction, the metal card is equipped with multiple services, for example, unlimited times for roadside assistance all year round, park with just 1 yuan, get one standard room voucher for free staying more than 1 nignt, take 5-10 working days for outside tax services, report the loss for free, apply the urgent card for free.

Low barrier to apply for the metal card

For such a superior quality metal platinum card, what’s the application requirement? According to a responsible person of nanning branch, Huaxia bank, customer who has the demands for high-end card face can all apply for it, most customers can be approved after applying.

“With wide client base, and charge low.” according to a responsible person of nanning branch, Huaxia bank.

It is reported that the metal card will produce 3000 RMB fee of customizing the card after it is approved, and will reproduce the fee of customizing the card if re-make, replace or renew a card. The annual fee of the main card is 680 yuan per card, without supplementary card. The first customers who apply for the card enjoy periodical preferential policy, first year annual fee waiver, newly increase 50 thousand integrals can derate the second annual fee.

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