Pet RFID tag of Management Solutions

As we all know, RFID tags are used as data carrier, can play a logo identification, asset tracking, information gathering role. In layman's terms, RFID tag readers like supermarket cash register with bar code scanner, you only need to read the bar code of goods, you can read out specific information about the product, and the RFID tag reader reads the RFID tag and then transfer specific information onto the RFID tag reader to display detailed information about the product.
Works pet management program is to give each pet implanted an RFID tag, on the record label of the pet's name, owner, and address reproductive life, health, disease prevention and other information for automatic recognition analysis to achieve a pet management of information technology. Acts allow pets to have their own “identity”, when the pet lost contact, the staff can use RFID readers get pet identity information to find the owner.

RFID tags pet management system characteristics and advantages.

RFID tag reader is an easy to control, simple and practical and is particularly suitable for automated control equipment management, identification of work without human intervention, and does not require contact with do not need to aim accurately; harsh environments are also free to work its own Working charm is unmatched, mainly in the following aspects:
1) easy to read quick: RFID tag reader develop simple, easy to operate, and the passive non-contact reading the RFID tag pets do not require mandatory pet fit, you can read.
2) Identification speed: Pets entered the field, RFID tag readers can instantly read the information, and can simultaneously handle multiple labels, to achieve mass recognition.
3) Read distance: whether close or far formula reads, RFID tag readers can do.
4) Data capacity: RFID electronic tag reader's own memory is 1G, while the data of the electronic tag only a few bytes, so its storage capacity.
5) long life, wide range of applications: Due to long-distance non-contact work, can work freely operate in harsh environments. The technology is difficult to counterfeit, invasion, the RFID tag with a high security protection.