The mirror-processed business card has an elegant luster on the surface, which stands out from the crowd of business cards.The material of the mirror business cards are also more collectible.


Mirror finishing is a way to add a highly reflective and polished look to our metal cards. This finishing is only available on our stainless steel, gold, rose gold, and premium metal card stocks and results in the un-etched metal having a mirror-like appearance. Etching on mirror finishing usually creates a matte appearance which provides a beautiful contrast to the mirrored look. A great way to repurpose this finishing is to create a design with reversed text. Designing this way will result in a matte background to be combined with mirrored, glamourous text. Overall, mirror finishing is an elegant addition to our metal cards.


Mirrored finishing is prone to scratches. To reduce the likely hood of scratches please minimize the area of un-etched material and minimize the number of additional finishings (i.e. Spot color, cut through).

Mirror finishing on our rose gold cards will not have a matte look when etched. Instead the mirror finished rose gold cards will have mirrored etching.

Mirror finishing is not recommended for designs that have a large area of un-etched material due to it’s delicate nature.

Laser engraving cannot be performed on mirror finishing

Cards with mirror finishing are highly prone to finger prints. When handling these cards please exercise caution.