Business Card is the most important assets of the working people, especially for business man, doing business card management could set up their own network better, also allow connections to methodically extensions. In my salesman career, at first because of the business card is not so much, also don't know how to classify indeed.

The most traditional way of business card management is using name book, and business card information into the computer, using the Excel form to management, is tantamount to provide backup for business cards. name book is the most basic way of finishing, one of the skills a lot, I also has its own set of logic when finishing.

Every one or two months, I will check name book, according to the frequency of contact screen less contact, and keep an eye on the latest tendency of the card's owner, for instance, whether they have been promoted, job-hopping, etc., clear up the new and old business card.

In addition to the person's name and title, and now I most care about business card information is mobile phone number, only the mobile phone is the most immediate to find people. Salesman, for example, the customer's feeling is most directly, if the customer think a times, you will remember him, his feelings for you will be very different. In the face of so many salesman, so fierce market competition, customers choose your product, it must be like your kindness, your heart first.

So, want to stand out in the workplace, can start with your business card management.