Nameplates are widely used in our life, you can find them anywhere easily.
Following we would like to share some with you.

Definition of Nameplate:

Nameplates are logo signs, with text, graphics and other content to play the role of specified introduction,direction and warning above.
There are so many kinds of nameplate, used in different fields, such as garment nameplates, furniture nameplates,
Automobile Nameplates,machine nameplates, the company LOGO nameplate, warning nameplate,instruction Nameplates, etc.

Function of nameplates:
1) The plate play a role of marks, warning, mainly the performance of its visual effects.
For example: words convey, it is a symbolic token, directions, implied or more.
Text styles can show background, personality,and meaning. Form and sign with a symbolic representation and tectonic significance.             

2) Nameplate could be an information transmission media, which has good advertising, warning functions.
Material of nameplate:
There are many kinds of material for choice.
Metal Material: aluminum ,stainless steel,zinc alloy, brass, and others.
Non-metallic materials: Paper, PVC, glass, woodacrylic, color board etc.
Metal Material: aluminum ,stainless steel,zinc alloy, brass, and others.
Ceramic Material: pure ceramic, metal-ceramic composite glass

We, SHENZHEN CHUANGXINJIA GROUP, specialized in all kinds of metal nameplates over 10 years.
Metal nameplates are more luxury, better hand feel, and more crafts for choice.
We Main do in stainless steel, aluminum, brass and zinc alloy.
Lots of different effects for choice, like LOGO engraved, LOGO embossed, LOGO high shiny,
LOGO matt color, Mirror finish, brushed finish, matt finish, etc.

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