Imitation Gold: Card color cast was dim, a long time is a little card surface prone to fade, pan-marks and other phenomena. Gold also was true only card golden color, a long time have lost the true gold color. Electrophoresis Gold: Using the latest technology to produce color like gold luster, with a unique three-dimensional relief texture doubled, more noble metal VIP level. And can keep the product never fade characteristics. Principle similar to the metal surface of the card coated with a layer of anti-oxidation film plays antioxidant role.
Design ideas
Fusion of modern design, extreme performance style. Extraordinary creativity, elegant, with a collection of gift value. It can be used for business gifts advertising gifts. Such Gold-based selection of senior imports of copper, by stamping, etching, plating, paint and other filling processes Seiko made. It has a unique three-dimensional relief and gold-like color, it is to produce high-end VIP cards, membership cards, commemorative cards, calendar cards material of choice.
There are species with spot color electrophoretic bottom line, electrophoresis coloring outlets series, gold-plated CD shading series, gilded fine network series, gold-plated matte shading series, fine dot image series, are also available specially designed according to customer drawings. In addition, this card is also particularly suitable for the production for the memorial, a variety of commemorative cards for long, such as: wedding, anniversary, business, meetings, retirement and other special anniversary, welcomed the major hotels, restaurants, clubs to my company ordered .