How to distribute the metal card quality is good or bad view:

1, the first and most important point, the easiest thing to observe is that the metal card surface smooth, flat, no bending deformation, the surface will not have protruding foreign body and dirty spots;

2, metal cards have a certain softness, after a non-bending can not be recovered;

3, metal card front color screen printing, so have the strong sense of separation, overlay accuracy, no obvious paste off to walk the goods;

4, metal card positive and negative printed pattern, writing clear, strong adhesion. Card surface patterns and fonts remain unchanged, typesetting accurate and correct;

5, metal card pros face alignment accuracy, lace no significant drop-off phenomenon

6, the entire perimeter of finished metal Kaka smooth burr;

7, metal card from 360 °angles no scratches or bruises.

8, Number clear paste, not falling.

If a piece of metal card stuck in your hands can reach more than standard, then this card is a standard of qualified metal card.