Brass Nameplates
Brass is an excellent choice of metal for making nameplates. Brass plate is corrosion resistant, will weather naturally to give an “antique” or weathered appearance, or with a lacquer applied can be made to look bright, stylish and golden.

Applications for Brass Name Plates
Nameplates such as the “Simmons” example shown below are used for branding of indoor and outdoor furniture and other items. Brass complements wood very nicely, and many wooden products bear brass plates with the makers name on them. Award Plaques, signs for doors and on buildings, commemorative plaques and asset tags are other examples.
Because brass weathers naturally, and has good resistance to corrosion by sea salt, it is often found in marine applications, and in harsh industrial applications, such as rating plates for boilers, engines and machinery.

Brass Name Plate Decoration
The decoration processes used for brass nameplates are similar to those use for Aluminium or Stainless Steel. Brass can be surface screen printed, but is more commonly screen printed and then etched and paint filled, then pressed to a shape. The etching process can produce a decorative effect which leaves images and text legible, graphics can be either etched into the metal plates, or the background can be etched to leave the graphics and text raised. (The “S” and shiny surfaces of the “Simmons” example are raised).
Brass Nameplates can be decorated on both sides for items such as valve tags, and can have multiple colours etched and paint filled onto them.
Further finishing of the plates can include applying sequential serialised number, sequential printed barcodes, and numbers which can be diamond scratch engraved or stamped into the brass.