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GreatNameplates registered as SHENZHEN CHUANGXINJIA SMART TECH CO., LTD has been established for 15 years. GreatNameplates is a manufacturer of metal nameplates, aluminum business cards, metal logo, metal labels, metal signs, and name badges. We are also manufacturing furniture metal nameplates & signs, customized Jewelry tags, logo plates along with etched and embossed metal cards and tags.

Our raw materials are from aluminum, copper, stainless steel, tin, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, etc. and the processes include printing, punch forming, forging and stamping, electroplating, oxidation, font engraving and wiredrawing, highlights, zinc alloy die-casting and electroplating, etc.

We located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong province, China. And we've more than 20 years manufacturing & export experience since 2005. Our factory is located in the Yingtailong industrial area, covering an area of 2 floors with 1200 square meters.4 modern production lines with ISO standard and 6S management. By adhering to the business philosophy of "reputation first, integrity-based, customers utmost, quality assurance, and contract promise, and leading technology".






  CXJ win the Alibaba global top 10 enterprise in 2012, The 

  chairman Mr.Wujun(Tony) gets many titles, specially appointed 

  instructor in ALIBABA, President of Shenzhen E-commerce 

  Promotion Association, Zhejiang university E-commerce instructor. 

  Tony helps more than 100,000 nationwide small &medium enterprises 

  upgrade their business model and management model, For his big 

  contribution, Alibaba founder Mr. Jack Ma presented the award to him 

  at the ceremony and took a photo with him.

Manufactured using rolled stainless steel or polished bronze, our

metal business cards combine form and function perfectly.




  Our metal business cards make a statement.

  Manufactured from rolled stainless steel using state

  of the art photo-etching, automated milling, and

  electrophoretic processes, they marry form and

  function perfectly. We intricately cut through the

  metal and etch into the surface of the steel.


    CUT & ETCH

     Using our advanced photochemical milling process, we

     can etch and cut the steel with incredible precision.

     This allows for intricate patterns, perforations, and grilles.

     Rather than printing onto the surface of the metal, which 

     tends to rub away over time, we etch the text into the steel 

     itself.The lighter core of the steel is revealed providing

     contrast between the etched and unetched metal.



  Not only can we cut through the steel, but we can also

  alter the shape of the card itself by cutting away metal

  from the perimeter. Moreover, as long as the desired

  the shape fits within the dimensions of a standard card,

  there is no additional charge.



      The 200-micron metal cards are thinner than a standard credit

     card but because they are manufactured using stainless steel,

     they have about the same rigidity when flexed between thumb

     and finger. The 400-micron cards (the thickest we produce)

     are extremely rigid and difficult to flex. The 300 micron sits 

     somewhere between the two. 



  Once etched, we lower the metal into a vat of 

  oleophobic, transparent lacquer and pass an electrical

  current through the metal. This bonds the lacquer to

  the cards surface, protecting the bronze from natural

  tarnishing and reducing its tendency to attract




     Text and graphics are chemically milled away from the

     card by first applying a photo-resistive film to the surface

     of the metal and exposing the steel to acid. Once the surface

     of the matt finish has been etched away from the lighter

     steel beneath is exposed, ensuring perfect contrast and legibility. 

     Precision cut-throughs are achieved by etching into the same

     position on the front and back of the stainless steel, until the

      two areas meet, forming a whole. 


Chuangxinjia is always committed to public welfare, for example, building the Hope School, donating for students, actively helping rural areas infrastructure construction, which is evaluated by all sectors of society.


  •    Join Shenzhen Lions Club Chuangxinjia company joined the Lion Club since 2012

our kind-hearted footprint spread every corner around the world. We have taken in a series of social charity service activities in

different fields such as medical and health care: assisting children with disabilities, helping the Poor & disaster relief, rebuilding

communities, and providing community services. Our company makes a positive contribution to harmonious society building.

  •    Hometown Construction Donations

Our company has invested several millions in rural infrastructure construction, including rural roads, power, water conservancy,

and other areas for many years.

  •    Funding Hope Primary School

The company of the primary school & agricultural technology study class, adding teaching equipment for schools, subsidizing

students, and help them to continue education, assisting disadvantaged children, actively improving and enhance children's

modern education facilities Rural primary schools and agricultural technology training classes, give some suggestions on rural

teacher and education quality for more than 10 years.

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